In Missouri, child support is terminated at the age of 18, or when the child finishes high school. If the child decides to pursue higher education, support may be extended. Support may also continue if the child suffers from a disability that renders it impossible for them to financially care for themselves since their disability prevents them from earning a living.

The focus of a special needs or disabled child is on the economic aspect. If they are unable to acquire gainful employment due to their condition, the court can order child support to continue beyond the age of minority. This does not mean the child must remain unemployed to qualify for support. If, for example, they can maintain a job, but the expenses of their disability still puts them at a severe disadvantage, the court may determine that the adult child is entitled to further support. Additionally, the disability must have arisen in the child prior to the age of majority for child support to continue.

For children over the age of 18 who choose to attend college, Missouri law dictates that parental support may continue. In such cases, support ends either when the child completes their education or when they reach the age of 22, whichever comes first. Not all states require such support.

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