The use of expert witnesses in divorce cases have increased over the past decade and are often required in cases with complex issues regarding property valuation, business valuation, spousal support, and child custody. While witnesses can testify to facts, expert witnesses can not only testify to facts, but offer their educated opinions, given that their experience and profession imbue them with knowledge that goes well beyond that of an average person.

An expert witness can provide insight to a complicated situation and, unlike other witnesses who may be close to one or both parties, is able to state these views from a position of greater objectivity. In cases that involve abuse, a medical expert, such as psychologist, can play a particularly crucial role by testifying to the effects of such abuse and the degree to which the spouse or any children may have suffered. The opinion of an expert can also help determine the fitness of a parent when addressing the topic of child custody.

In financial matters, experts like certified public accountants, property appraisers, and occupational evaluators can assist the court in determining spousal support. Additionally, these experts can offer advice on tax consequences when it comes to the worth and distribution of property. They may also offer the court their opinion on the employability of a supported spouse or on the future earning capacity of the supporting spouse, which will help the court determine the amount of spousal support that is to be awarded.

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