Types of Family Cases in MO

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Coulter Lambson, LLC was founded as a law firm dedicated to the practice of family law in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Our experienced team of attorneys and legal professionals have represented clients across Missouri and in various Courts of Appeal.

A Unique Approach to Complex Legal Issues

At our firm, we always listen, advise, and litigate. No matter what you are facing, it is important that you fully understand all of your options. This is why we are always open and honest about how we can help you, and we always take the time to listen to your needs to find a solution that best works for your family. Our St. Louis County family law attorneys never offer cookie-cutter solutions, as we know that your family is not like any others.

In circumstances when court is unavoidable, our legal team is not afraid to represent you. We have years of experience in the courtroom, including various Missouri Courts of Appeal. We know how to effectively protect your rights in front of a judge, no matter how complicated your matter is. We have locations in Clayton and St. Charles.

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