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Thank you Curran for your help in my custody case.

Its not every day that the father feel like he came out on top. My daughter is with me and we are happy as can be. You have helped me change my life and the life of a precious little girl. Thank you.


Excellent, Caring, Professional, Effective

Joe is a great attorney, having him on your side will give you peace of mind and confidence in a beneficial outcome; he knows the ins and out of divorce law and will pull you through safe and save you a lot of stress and money during this painful process; Joe always responds emails and phone calls in a timely manner; he will be your friend and your attorney; I would recommend him to anyone!!


Working with Mr. Lambson, I always felt comfortable, respected and my case turned out for the best.

Joe Lambson represented me during a difficult and lengthy modification of my divorce decree. Faced with what I knew would be an uphill struggle, I am so glad I came to Hais, Hais, Goldberger & Coyne and had the opportunity to have Joe work on my case. Joe Lambson was great in responding to my emails, phone calls and questions (and I had tons). While I was going through what was a confusing process at times, I was so glad that Mr. Lambson was prompt and knowledgable in responding to my questions and was a great advocate in court. Working with Mr. Lambson, I always felt comfortable, respected and my case turned out for the best. I highly recommend Mr. Joseph Lambson to anyone out there who needs a great family law attorney.


I have already passed his name along quite a few times & will continue to do so.

Curran took over my husband’s custody case and did an amazing job with absolutely everything. He was an amazing communicator, very understandable, highly knowledgeable about everything & very honest. I, hands down will never recommend a different family law lawyer! I have already passed his name along quite a few times & will continue to do so. We got everything we asked for & my husband & myself are so thankful for Curran’s dedication & help in our case.


Excellent Attorney

Mr. Lambson is an incredible attorney. I have never had an attorney so responsive to me, who really listens to me and answers my phone calls and emails so completely. He responds so quickly and is so patient and caring when he talks to me. This is not to say he isn’t tough — because he is! He fought so hard for me and I am very happy with the outcome. Hopefully I will not need another family law attorney again, but if I do, I will certainly go back to Mr. Lambson. I would recommend him to anyone going through a divorce or custody issues.


Highly Recommend

Mr. Lambson has been knowledgable and on top of my case from the beginning. A huge difference from my last attorney! I’d recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone who will keep you informed and treat you with respect. While I hope I never have to be in this position again, If I do, I’ll go back to Joe Lambson in a heartbeat.


I would HIGHLY recommend Joe for your consideration.

Joe took time to review the whole process to me with a keen sense of understanding mixed with immense understanding of Family Law. I am a single father of three kids and I feel confident that I chose the right lawyer to protect my interests for my complicated custody case. I am going to rate Joe as this case progresses, but at this time I would HIGHLY recommend Joe for your consideration.


Joseph Lambson is an awesome attorney

The kindest, caring and responsive attorney I have ever had. I would highly recommend Joe. He makes you feel so special with his caring manner.


Highly Complicated Divorce Made So Much Easier

I hired Mr. Lambson knowing that my divorce case would be complicated. I own a business and there were tough financial, business interest and custody issues to sort out. I was apprehensive about the process–especially in hiring a lawyer. I’d heard so many horror stories. Hiring Joe Lambson was the single, best decision I made. He took a process that could have been so much more complicated and expensive and ended up finishing the whole process for less than half of what I was quoted by other attorneys, and with a result that was even better than the expectations we set at our first meeting. I really could not be any happier with my choice. Anyone looking for a smart lawyer who is also tough would do well to hire Joe. I would recommend him to friends and family and have already done so.


Awesome lawyer

Joseph is currently helping my husband and I in a very complicated child support/custody case for my husband’s daughter. He has been awesome and we should be finished with our case in 2 or so months. I’ve recommended him multiple times already! !


Joe Lambson Got a Great Result For Me

I was rear-ended in a car accident, and the car accident aggravated some chronic conditions that I have and required many months of chiropractic visits. I used Joe Lambson to help me with settling the insurance claims. I was very happy with the result that he obtained for me for both the damage to the vehicle and for my personal injuries. I felt the settlement was pretty generous, and importantly, he was able to negotiate a settlement quite quickly after my chiropractor released me from care. I would recommend him to anyone.


Easy, Painless and Professional

I received a traffic ticket in Southern Missouri several months ago and called to ask Curran for his help. The whole process was extremely easy and painless. Considering I hadn’t received a speeding ticket in several years, I was concerned that the whole ordeal would require me to drive back to the municipality to go to traffic court. I gave Curran all the information and within a few weeks everything was resolved. Painless, easy and professional. I’d highly recommend Curran and the team at Coulter Law to anyone in need of legal services.


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